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He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Your Missions Board has taken a biblical model to supporting missions: Just as the gospel began in Jerusalem, we see Carpinteria as our Jerusalem. We seek to share God's love and good news with those in Carpinteria, starting with the Homeless Outreach at the Freedom Warming Center. Then on to Judea we spread out into the TriCounty area by supporting Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Going to Samaria we support Mexican Medical at the US and Mexican border. Finally we set our sights on the ends of the earth and support international ministries of United World Mission (Mexico), Antalya Evangelical Church (Turkey), Destined for Grace (Haiti) and Child Hope International (Haiti). Where do you come in? Without your presence, prayers and financial giving, none of this would be possible!

Please join us in reaching people for Jesus Christ!



At Carpinteria Community Church, motivated by God's love, and in obedience to Jesus' command, we share Christ's love with the world:

By creating an environment for a multi-cultural and multi-generational Christian life, By providing opportunities to meet basic human needs in our communities, By supporting international partnerships based on local relationships.

Please prayerfully consider supporting Missions!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Reaching teen athletes for Christ in our local high schools! The next generation is being raised up to serve Christ and share the message of the gospel to a lost and hurting world. Ryan and Britt Warner are the Area Directors.


Mexican Medical

The mission of Mexican Medical Ministries is to bring healing and hope to the people of Mexico. The redemptive work of God touches the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual condition of humankind. In accomplishing this mission, Mexican Medical Ministries seeks to empower people to work together to accomplish the Great Commission.”

Child Hope International

At Child Hope International, our Biblical approach to caring for widows and orphans compels us to create programs that address poverty and develop strategies to break the orphan cycle.
Click below for the website and the latest update.


Destined for Grace

Destined for Grace raises the Haitian children above the pain and suffering that their country endures and provides for them a future filled with love, hope and faith.

United World Mission

For 75 years, United World Mission has been uniting trusted global partners, equipping thousands of indigenous leaders, pastors and church planters to fulfill the Great Commission.

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